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Keelah Se'lai

After drawing…
I said I had one more to do and that's Tali'Zorah vas Normandy. I choose "vas Normandy" because they tried to shame her with that name and she embraced it. The name would them become a prestigious one.

Initially, I was going to do one of those posing pics with her holding a gun or sending off a combat drone or hacking a Geth. I was suddenly inspired by this one. It's homage to my first run with Mass Effect 3 when I failed to broker peace between the Quarians and Geth. I chose for Legion to upload the code because I felt the Quarians had continuously been the aggressors and chose war when they could have had peace. What I DIDN'T know was that the Geth would use that opportunity to eradicate the Quarians.

That was, by far, the most emotional and tragic moment in my gaming history. I watched the skies light up in flames as the Admirables screamed over the radio air waves while their ships were being destroyed - civilians and all. Tali stood there and watched in horror.

Tali had been there for me since the start. She was on her pilgrimage and had no reason to follow me while I chased a rogue Spectre. She gave me evidence to incriminate him and followed me to the end.

Mass Effect 2, human colonies were being attacked and humans abducted by The Collectors. This was a human problem and the other races, through The Council, made it abundantly clear. Even Rex, Liara and Ash turned me down but Tali joined my mission. It had nothing to do with her or her people and she left her people to join on what she knew was a suicide mission.

Every crazy move I did on that mission, she believed in me. She trusted me. I worked with Cerberus. I gave Vitor to Cerberus. I took Legion on board. All things she strongly was against and yet she stuck with me. "I trust you, Shepard". And back to work she went.

When she was stripped of her name, "Tali Zorrah nar Rayya" and called "Tali Zorah vas Normandy", she never carried the name with shame. Mass Effect 3 she left the Floatila to come with me on me to face The Reapers. This time, her people were in the middle of a war with the Geth and she abandoned them for me.

When it came crunch time and Legion asked to upload the code, she begged me not to do it. I'll never forget it. "Shepard. I'm begging you. Don't do this." Her voice trembled with desperation. She could have pulled a gun me or killed me - Legion would have if I chose the Quarians - but she didn't so much as threaten me. She loved me that much. She loved me TOO much. And I betrayed her. I betrayed my greatest friend and destroyed her.

At that moment, in complete disbelief of what she was seeing, the skies raining fragments of her people with the thunderous sound their screams accompanying the storm of their destruction, she gave up. She took off her helmet (which protects her from bacterial infection that is fatal, effectively committing suicide and declaring "what's the point of living?") and just dropped off the cliff.

I ran to her to catch her but I was too late. I watched her fall to her death. Her last words were words were ones of pain - last sound I heard from her was weeping - and she died without her closest friends and comrades ever seeing so much as a smile on her face.

Broken, I walked in shameful victory. I had killed my third Reaper but this time I really wished it had lost. My only insufficient consolation was that she died on her homeworld, Rannoch. It is on her homeworld that I will leave her. I did not deserve to so much as retrieve her body or keep her helmet in remembrance. I was unworthy of such an honour.

That is the story of my greatest regret and failure in my gaming history. It is also the most emotional scene I've seen any multimedia have. I was literally in depression for a week after this. It really broke me.

Rest in Peace, Tali'Zorah nar Rayya. Truly, I did not deserve your friendship, your love or your loyalty. Stopping The Reapers did not make the pain more tolerable and it is because of your sacrifice that I chose to destroy the TReapers. You died so we can achieve one thing: Destroy The Reapers. Not "Control them" and not synthesis - destroy them. And destroy them I did.

Don't know if Shepard died or not, considering Indoctrination Theory. The breath I took could easily have been a dying one. Should it have been, I will see you at the bar Garrus spoke of, great friend.

That is, of course, if you will have me.

Keelah Se'lai, dear friend. Keelah Se'lai
Mass Effect 2 - I Will Kill You ALL!!! (Complete)
And it's done.

I think what I love most about this piece is that I really went out of my comfort zone with it. Especially with the rendering. Hatching and cross hatching has historically not been my thing and I only recently started using it. The virus really gave me grief but I drew inspiration from one of the artists I follow on DeviantArt.

I'm glad I started working on these. I can feel my obsession with the trilogy going away. I only started playing it this year and when I finished it I felt empty and emotional. Many choices that haunt me. Many friends died because of those choices. Game was very good at drawing you in.

Now comes the part of the ending: I enjoyed it - especially after the indoctrination theory. Whether you believe it or not, it add to my experience. It was disappointing that there was little difference in the consequences if the choices but to me the outage was disproportionate. I had an amazing 20 hours and won't let my expectations and the last 15 minutes of the game take away a day's worth of pleasure.

I still have one last character I want to draw and that's Tali. She was Shepard's strongest and most committed ally. Only Garrus can contend with her but I think she one-ups Garrus because she abandoned her people, who desperately need her, to chase Spectres, Killer Ships, Murderous Robots, Corrupted Protheans, Human Terrorists, Mercs and more Killer Robots and never once lost heart with Shepard.

THAT is a true friend.
Mass Effect - I Will Kill You ALL!!! (nearly compl
I am feeling this one so much. This is my best work in over a year.

I was particularly stressed about the biotics special effects and how to do them. I'm quite chuffed with how this worked out.

Now I just have to finish the pants and legs and the piece is good to go.

I am in a very productive space, artistically speaking. This is why I live.
Mass Effect 2 - I Will Kill You ALL!!!
This woman just OOZED sex appeal. My first crush. The "strong woman but with a tormented soul" trope has always been a weakness for me.

As I read from somewhere: Boys choose Miranda, real men choose Jack.
Mass Effect - Modisa wa Kgotso (NEARLY done)
I didn't want to add a horrible leak of blood on his right side he's holding. Would have messed up my rendering.

The pistol gave me a lot of trouble to the point that I nearly scrapped it. It was incredibly frustrating.

I wanted to capture an exhausted and energy-sapped Shepard. He's done. This war has taken its toll. Saren. The Geth. Sovereign. The Blue Sons. The Blood Pack. Eclipse. The Collectors. Cerberus. Harbinger and his crew (The Reapers). Reaper Rachnni. Reaper Addat Yakshi. Reapers Repears Repears. And in all this, The Council only listened when it was too late.

He's done. He's spent. Stick a fork in this bad boy. He doesn't even have the strength to lift that pistol. He's barely holding onto it with the pathetic little bit of fight he's got in him.

Poor bastard.
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So, in case you haven't seen the "Soul Surviviour Page 16 WIP" submission, I have recently started to increase content on the Endorsed Anarchy web site and one of the new inserts is the Work-in-Progress thing. Now, I never used to like showing work-in-progress. I was one of those artists who like to show you finished work. A friend of mine spoke to me and convinced me to start a WIP page so my followers can "grow" with me and see the phases and transitions of the pages and plus it gives me enough content to post up more regularly.

I decided to listen to him and, I have to admit, I think it was a good idea. I often start a new one without finishing an old one. It's always been my character to jump between things. I think this approach works in my favour and I can keep on with it, as long as I don't move on and not finish.

Here is the WIP page. Take a look through and see the works I am busy with.…


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